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Practice Areas

Tax Preparation


Nobody likes paying taxes, but we will make sure that yours are done correctly. Whether it's quarterly payroll taxes, state and local B & O tax, or year-end Individual and Business Federal Tax returns, you can file with confidence! 



Full service bookkeeping contains a wide variety of services and we will customize them based on a thorough needs analysis and careful consideration of your budget.

Financial Statements


Understanding your financial statements is critical to the success of your business. Rather than just handing you a report, we will walk you through your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements to help you understand them and enable you to plan your business strategy.

Cash Management


We can assist in monitoring your business cash flow so that you have the capital you need. We'll help you keep a careful watch over your income and expenses; which is vital to the success of your small business.



If processing your payroll is getting to be too much to be done efficiently in house, we can help you transition to a third-party payroll provider. 



We will help you to manage all of your checking, savings, and credit card accounts. Accurate records allow proper booking of principal and interest, error-free quarterly financials, and effortless tax filing. Let us help you on your way to "smooth sailing".

Tax Prep
Free Consultation

BK Accounting & Tax Solutions, LLC has a wide array of services available. Rates and pricing will be provided with your initial consultation. We will work from my office or remotely, based on your preference.  Our mission is to help you succeed!

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